«If the idea of a more spiritual, Eastern influenced Dukes of Stratosphear appeals then welcome friend, you’re not alone and you’re very much in the right place»
-The Active Listener

Sam Asgari is a Norwegian songwriter with a sound that blends British Invasion-rock with Bacharach-ish arrangements.

After many years in the hip-hop underground as a producer for acts like Pasha and $vai-Rex, Sam decided to take a step out of the drum machine laden sub-culture to enter the world of electric guitars and harpsichords.

Joining him on his indie debut is Sam’s younger brother – Rumi Rafael Asgari – the long haired guy in the pictures.

Rafael is doing a lot of the heavy lifting on the album, and while Sam is the primary songwriter they both have contributed equally to make this album come together.

The album Naive will be released later this year on Tik Records.