Listen to the latest composition by Sam Asgari
INSPIRED BY OLD DISNEY MOVIES, Stravinsky’s «Ebony Concerto» and Zappa’s «Uncle Meat», I wanted to make a colorful and jazzy take on classical music. My initial idea was to make an interesting rhythmic arrangement for two violins and two violas. Having been listening to minimalist music I didn’t really want to approach the piece melodically, but as chords started to form between the strings, a melody came to me, and it spun out softly in a symphonic flow.AS OF NOW it is my only «opus» as I have written a lot of classical stuff – some good, some bad – but only published this one. I will be putting more music out as soon as I have the time to finish off the mixing work that one has to suffer through when making music on a computer. The music is written in Logic X using the Miroslav Philharmonic 2 VST. The woodwind instruments are collected from various sources and are mostly soundfonts played back with the Sforzando plug-in.
released December 1, 2016
Written, arranged and produced by Sam Asgari